Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Couponclap.com. We are one of the best cashback, discount and offers websites. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before you use the services and offers provided by the website (Couopnclap.com).


Couponclap believes in sharing and that’s why we provide the platform to our users where they can submit their own coupon and deals. In return, the user will get the rewards from our side! Sounds exciting? Yes, it is. User can easily register himself/herself just by filling the registration form. If the user has submitted the coupon then s/he will be responsible for:

  • 1) The expiry date of the coupon that is submitted by the user.
  • 2) The code provided is correct.
  • 3) The information provided about the coupon/offer/discount must be correct.
  • 4) Must mention the process to avail the process.
Note: Couponclap is not responsible for any information about offers and discount that is submitted by users in this section of the website.


Couponclap reserves the right to close the Account of any user without giving any previous information. This clause is applied to avoid fraudulent activities on the website so that we can serve you with better user experience.

Privacy and Cookies:

By accepting this agreement, the user also gives his/her consent to handle/use personal data such as shopping history, phone number and email Id under the policy.

Also, deals and coupons posted by the user on Couponclap will be visible to all the users visiting the website.


Couponclap reserves the right to close the Account of any user without giving any previous information. This clause is applied to avoid fraudulent activities on the website so that we can serve you with better user experience.

Couponclap Role:

Couponclap is not the third party or mediator of any retailer or the brand. As a coupon/offer/discount website, Couponclap provides the best deals on the products that are available online. Thus Couponclap does not have any of the legal obligations that apply to sellers or the goods or services.

So, according to the above statement, Couponclap is not responsible for:

  • 1) Delivery of goods and services provided by the seller
  • 2) The quality of the goods and services ordered by the user or delivered by the seller.
  • 3) Security and legality of the goods and services.

Couponclap also reserves the right to change or terminate the offer/discount/coupon with immediate effect, if the partner sites decide to do the same. In this case, users must exercise the transactions with caution to avoid any loss.

Website is also not responsible for any direct transaction between the user and the retailer, in this case, the user will not be eligible for any discount/coupon/offer that is available on Couponclap. S/he must shop via Couponclap to avail the discount on the brands and products.

Third-Party Content:

The Third-Party content may appear on the website and may-be accessible via hyperlinks. Couponclap is not responsible or assume no liability to such content and material appearing on the site or accessible via any medium from the site.


You hereby agree to receive the communication from Couponclap via different mediums such as SMS, Emails and calls.

Misuse Of Service:

As mentioned above, Couponclap reserves the right to terminate/block the account of the user,if found to be in breach of any provision of the website. User needs to consider the following things while using the website:

  • 1) Must not use abusive, offensive behaviour or language on the website.
  • 2) Must not intend to cause annoyance or distress to any person.
  • 3) Must not breach the rights or entity of any person visiting the website
  • 4) Does not advertise any goods or services without permission it will be considered as illegal activity on the website.
  • 5) Must not practice any fraudulent activity, in this case, the account of the user will be blocked permanently.
Note: CouponClap does not support any adult activity on the website. The account of the user will be terminated/suspended immediately if found doing so. As a community, it’s everyone’s responsibility to create a positive and safer place for others.

Benefits of Registered Users:

  • 1) Daily Offer Details: Once you are registered with couponclap, you will receive an emailer regularly containing the best deals of the day. So, the user does not need to worry about missing the exclusive steal deal.
  • 2) Best Store Offers:: User will also get the deals and offers from the best store of the day/week.
  • 3) Submit Your Coupon: A registered user also have the privilege to submit his/her own unique coupon and the user will get the reward in return.
  • 4) Own a Coupon Store:Couponclap believes in sharing, so if you want to run your own coupon store on the website you can do the same. You just have to send us the request for the same and we will create the section for you. Follow the steps written below:
    • 1) Create an account on Couponclap.com
    • 2)Go to my account section.
    • 3)Click on request coupons
    • 4) Enter the details of your website
    • 5)Click on submit button
    • 6) Once you submit your request it will be reviewed by our experts as per the standards
    • And if everything goes well your coupon store will be visible on our website within 24 to 48 hours after submitting the request.


The content, information and material available on the website are unique. The information and services may contain the bug and users are requested to provide the feedback on the same. Couponclap and its affiliates have no liability for your use of any information and services.