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Whether you are a tea enthusiast or just someone who has recently begun dabbling in the fine art of tea brewing and dri...

Whether you are a tea enthusiast or just someone who has recently begun dabbling in the fine art of tea brewing and drinking, Teafloor is the destination for you. Teafloor has over 80+ varieties of Indian tea , which include a flourishing melange of various tea blends and flavours for all. Teafloor, one of Indias best online tea store, offers you both regular, as well as, premium tea leaves and wellness teas, categorized on the basis of their estates, regions, flavours, which occasion do they suit best for, etc. Buying tea online allows you to select from a vast collection of our Indian tea from the snugness of your homes. Not only do you get to compare various flavours, blends and estate produce but also make an informed decision when you buy tea online. These are just a few perks you get when you buy tea online from Teafloors website. It saves the hassle of going from aisle to aisle and googling information about various tea types and brands. With our guided assistance, you can make an informed choice about the type of tea you wish to buy for yourself. Price. Rarity. Grade. Leaf style. Deliciousness. The promise of High Quality or the Worlds Finest. All of these can be a measure used to influence the price and your purchasing decision. But, these alone do not ensure a tasty cup of tea. How a tea tastes, smells and appears is highly influenced by the geography, geology, climate of the region in which the tea plant is grown, plus how the leaves are handled after their initial processing. The influence of these factors is so big that even the teas of the same variety differ in flavour from region to region. Here at Teafloor, we have a very straight-forward approach towards sourcing teas. When we visit a tea-producing region, we see a composite of teas from north and south, coastal areas, and inland regions. After some miles and thousands of steps, we roll out our tents, in the region which has the most distinctive and strong elements. There, our only objective is to learn everything we can about a particular tea before it hits your cup. The tea leaves are processed and manufactured using the finest quality equipment and authentic practices, making the end product fresh and of the topmost quality. Teafloor assures that once ready, the tea leaves are packaged using only the most hygienic vacuum packaging methods. This way, the teas remain fresh when they arrive at your doorstep, ready to be steeped. Since our master tea blenders select each ingredient meticulously based on the value of fragrance, flavour and authenticity, we proudly say that we are one of the prime platforms for online tea purchase in India. Purchasing tea online from Teafloor allows you to have the flexibility of selecting the tea according to type, region, collection, concern etc. When choosing tea according to type, we offer a wide range like black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, iced tea and CTC tea. Likewise, if you wish to purchase teas synonymous to a particular region then you have the option to choose from regions like Darjeeling, Nepal, Nilgiris, Assam and North East India. Teafloors recent addition to its catalogue is ChaiSpa- a wellness tea initiative. ChaiSpa is a premium blend of green tea with various herbs and spices that target specific concerns of daily life like stress, sleep, energy, digestion, immunity, hair and skin health, fatigue etc. Every ingredient used to produce each Indian tea is examined and tested under the keen observation of our master blenders and nutritionist. A brand focused only on serving the highest quality of tea and providing a lifestyle around tea, Teafloors aim is to become the top platform for online tea purchase through its brand policies- Authenticity, Transparency and Driven by lifestyle. Teafloor is an online tea store in India where tea lovers and tea drinkers can buy tea online and find the best teas to satisfy their cravings. Read More

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