What is Coupon Clap?

As the name clears the doubt, it is the website that provides you with the best coupons and offers available online in all the categories.

How can I Sign up to Coupon Clap?

Here are a few steps written below that you have to follow to Login/Sign Up.

  • a). Visit the Website “Couponclap.com”.
  • b). Click On “Sign Up”.
  • c). Enter your details name and email Id.
  • d). Set your password.
  • e). That is it!! You are all set to shop from Couponclap.

Can I Login without creating the new account on Coupon Clap?

Yes, you can use Google+ or Facebook to log in.

Is it Mandatory to log in or Sign up?

No it is not necessary to login or signup to Couponclap, but if you do, you will be able to avail the latest coupon and offers available on the website.

What is the difference when I am Log In and Log out?

You will get the customised wall of coupon and offers when you are logged in and you will get the generalised offers when logged out.

How can I get the latest offers and deals on top brands?

Just log in to your Couponclap account and you will get all the latest coupon and offers of top brands at the home page.

Can I submit a coupon on the website?

Yes, If you have any coupon that is not available on the website you can submit it just by following simple steps.

How can I submit the coupon on the website?

  • a). Login to your Couponclap account.
  • b). Click On “Submit Coupon”.
  • c). Fill up all the required details.
  • d). Now, click on the submit button.
  • e). You have successfully submitted the coupon.

Can I request for my own coupon page for my website?

Yes you can go to contact us page and request for a coupon page

How to avail the coupon and offers from the website?

Availing coupons and offers from Couponclap is just 2-minute process. Follow the steps written below to avail the best deal online.

  • a). Login to your Couponclap account.
  • b). Now, select the brand you want to purchase from.
  • c). Once you click on the brand you will get the list of coupons available for the brand.
  • d). Copy the Coupon code.
  • e). Now, click on “Shop Now”.
  • f). You will be redirected to our partner site.
  • g). Shop normally as you do, and at the time of payment paste the coupon code.
  • h).That is it!! The discount will be added to your final bill automatically.

What does “Trending products” Section mean?

Trending section on Couponclap shows the top products in which most of our users are showing their interest.